Microsoft partners, integrators and other third-party vendors choose SpatialPoint for their mapping needs. Here’s why you should, too:

  • Mapping may appear simple to experienced developers. In reality, it requires specific programming and technical skills not commonly found or easily acquired.
  • If you are considering adding mapping to an application, ask SpatialPoint first. You can count on us to help you determine the costs/benefits, technical approach, optimal feature set for your application and more.
  • You increase your chances of success because we can apply our knowledge of many spatial technologies and applications to help simplify the design process.
  • With SpatialPoint as your partner, you can use mapping to expand your penetration into customer accounts and new markets faster and easier.

For these reasons and more, SpatialPoint is your “Go-to” partner for mapping experience. Contact us for more information.


SpatialPoint is partners with leading companies in the industry to provide you with the most up-to-date technology to meet your solution needs.



As a Microsoft Silver Development Partner, SpatialPoint can develop web based GIS applications and web mapping tools to empower your business using Bing Maps for Enterprise solutions. Our Bing Maps development team works to ensure the right solution that fits your business needs and IT environment.



About Pitney Bowes Software

Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) has the industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions for integrating geospatial solutions into your processes. Their solutions aid you in gaining insight into hidden trends.

Our partnership with Pitney Bowes Software

SpatialPoint has had a relationship with Pitney Bowes Software since 1991.   Our long-time experience with Pitney Bowes Software and use of PBS (MapInfo) products provides us with a deep knowledge of their offerings.  We use this knowledge to determine the best solution to your needs to help you achieve your next level of business results and integrate geospatial solutions into your processes.

PBS Software and Data

As a reseller of Pitney Bowes MapInfo products since xxxx, SpatialPoint is committed to locating the best software and/or data solution to meet your goals.  PBS Software solutions allow you to present your business in a visual way, linking the relationship between geography and your data.