Guide to Bing Maps for Enterprise for Web Mapping

With Microsoft Bing Maps for Enterprise, you can develop web mapping and online GIS applications allowing you to visualize geographic and location-based information by combining web mapping with your data. With Bing Maps for Enterprise you can:

  • PB_advancedAccess a hosted, programmable XML Web Service for building web based mapping applications (find out more about licensing Bing Maps)
  • Integrate high-quality online maps, driving directions, distance calculations, proximity searches and other location intelligence into your applications, business processes and Web sites
  • Create custom Bing Maps web based GIS applications using SpatialPoint Atlas to add more robust web GIS capabilities to applications

Bing Maps for Enterprise offers standards-based programming

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  • A geospatial platform for Searching, Discovering, Visualizing, and Collaborating
  • Intuitive & responsive AJAX interface
  • Supports a customizable tool set
  • Provides global 2D and 3D views of our world in a single API
  • Innovative imagery & appealing map styles—yours or ours
  • Works with multiple operating systems & browsers
  • Driving & walking directions, traffic-based routing/directions
  • Multi language support & accurate geocoding
  • GeoRSS/KML support
  • Platform for collaborative GIS
  • Dependable SaaS from Microsoft resulting in rapid application development and deployment
  • Learn more about Bing Maps for Enterprise Web Mapping Features & Functions
  • Web mapping demonstrations

Here’s some of what you can do with Bing Maps:

  • button_factsheetConnect with customers—Build rich, engaging web mapping applications to drive customers from the Web to your stores, and boost community around your brand.
  • Gain business insight—Visualize location-based data such as demographic or census data, sales data, customer data, and more to gain deep visual insight into your business.
  • Manage assets—Use Bing Maps and web mapping to help manage and track the location of fixed or mobile assets in the field and to better manage inventory, deliveries, fleets, and other mobile operations, in near real time.

Use SpatialPoint Atlas for custom web-based GIS and web mapping applications. Find out more about Bing Maps licensing.

What Do You Want Bing To Do?

With Bing Maps for Enterprise from Microsoft, and SpatialPoint custom programming and expertise, you can develop web based GIS applications and web mapping tools to empower your business.logo_bingExplore the capabilities below, and ask us how.

Work with our Bing Maps development team. Ensure the right solution that fits your business needs and IT environment

Add mapping to web-based applications. GIS-like functions with web service scalability and reliability

Discover features & functions of Bing Maps. Imagery, points, routing, API and more

Try Bing Maps applications. These demonstration applications and live customer locators display the power of Bing Maps

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