Desktop Data

Zip Code/Carrier Route Boundaries

Updated quarterly, these U.S. Nationwide coverage of zip code and carrier route boundaries are a powerful tool for targeting productive mailings and designing efficient distribution. Organizing direct mail campaigns with these boundaries can earn postal discounts which lowers marketing costs. Canadian FSA and postal code boundaries also available.


Population & Census
An extensive range of the highest quality demographic data products and lifestyle segmentation system, MosaicTM . Demographics from the most recent Census, also incorporating ACS data.  An estimates and projections database which includes a wide range of core demographic variables for the current year and 5-year projections.


Neighborhoods, Subdivisions, School Boundaries, and more
Context is a suite of lifestyle and behaviorial analytics that offers access to specific demographics and lifestyle data synced to GIS boundaries. Offers insight into the character of neighborhoods, school attendance zones, subdivisions, and other real-world geographies.  Perfect for the world of real estate and the Social/Local/Mobile/Commerce market.


StreetPro is a fully attributed vector dataset containing street, address, transport, land use, water and points of interest data. StreetPro is more than a base map. It is a detailed, interactive, editable and searchable dataset which allows the user to perform a host of geographic and spatial functions that you cannot perform with base maps such as Bing and Google.  Available for a variety of countries.


Consumer Expenditure

Consumer demand or “expenditure potential” is an estimate of the annual amount of money spent by households on various consumer goods and services.  Helps organizations gain insights and understanding into how and where consumers are spending money.  Also aids in identifying potential customers and untapped opportunities


World Postal Data and Administrative Districts

Boundary data is an attributed, vector GIS dataset providing geographic demarcations of spatial boundaries such as Administrative or Postcode areas. Pitney Bowes Software World Boundary provides comprehensive coverage of global Administrative geographies such as Country, State, District, City/Town and Locality. Pitney Bowes Software World Boundary Premium provides comprehensive coverage of global Administrative geographies such as Country, State, District, City/Town and Locality combined with Neighborhood, Suburb, Land-Use and Postal geographies…



Economics & Income
Available data helps organizations assess consumer potential.  Various data bundles available, including data on:

  • household distributions by wealth (net worth) and financial assets;
  • household income breakouts;
  • housing tenure (owners & renters) by the number of units in housing structures, tenure of householder, number of vehicles, rent and value
  • data on marital status, transportation time to work, educational attainment and occupation


U.S. Telco Data

Wire Centers, Rate Centers, LATAs, PSAP
For telecommunications service providers, location information and geography have an enormous impact on their business. Almost every strategic decision involves the question of “where” and requires spatial analysis.  Pitney Bowes Software provides clients in the telecommunications sector with access to the most comprehensive datasets, which offer global breadth and local depth.


Transportation & Routing

Routing and Drivetime Datasets
The Routing and Drivetime datasets provide fully attributed and intelligent routable street and road networks for numerous business-critical decision support processes. Whether you want to calculate the time it takes to get from A to B at different times of the day, what is the most efficient route to take when visiting a list of locations, or determining how many people live within 30 minutes of my store.


Retail Sales Potential

Retail Sales Potential provides estimates and projections of consumer potential organized by store type. The Retail Sales Potential estimates are demand side estimates in that they are aggregates of the Consumer Expenditure Potential data. General categories include variables for Retail Sales Potential by Store Type.  Identify and understand your most profitable customers for market planning, media strategy, managing customer growth and retention.



Population & Census
Demographic data is the description of people and places. Pitney Bowes Software provides a broad range of Demographic data aggregated to small area neighborhoods. Demographic data are sourced from population census, government registers and commercial sources to deliver a host of socio-economic indicators, population estimate and projections and purchasing power. Micro demographics may be combined with boundary data for visual analysis. Demographic data allow users to perform a host of geographic and spatial functions, to manipulate, analyze and visualize data on a variety of business issues.



A consumer segmentation system linking address information to demographic, lifestyle and socio-economic insight. It helps you connect more profitably with each and every customer.  Geodemographics is used by many of the world’s most successful and ambitious organizations to understand who their customers are, where they live and what they “look like.”  This lifestyle data takes you beyond base demographics.


Industry Data

Pitney Bowes Software provides clients in the telecommunications sector with access to the most comprehensive datasets, which offer global breadth and local depth. The combination of PBS data with our Analytics and Services team allows telcos to gain a wealth of insight, knowledge and business efficiencies.


U.S. Business Points

The U.S. Business Points dataset consists of a comprehensive database of unique geographic points of business locations for approximately 14 million businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Available in sixteen industry-specific packages, organizations use this dataset to see business locations in any given geographic area and gather valuable information on those businesses.