Specialty Services

Besides the seven main services such as Geocoding and Address Validation, we have several others available.

  1. Advanced Naming – Name Matching to help standardize your databases.
    • Sophisticated Parsing – Enhance your existing data files by transforming them into a range of usable data fields
    • Data Formatting – String data together and build a clean record format
    • Name Separation – Organise names by title first name surname etc.
    • International Knowledgebase – Use our cultural database
    • Name Variants – Identifies typing errors alternate spellings and abbreviations
  2.  Check Global Watchlist (Global Sentry) – The GlobalSentry service matches transactions against government-provided watch lists that contain data on various countries, individuals, and organizations.
    These lists include:
    • Denied Persons List (United States)
    • Unverified List (BIS Red Flag) (United States)
    • Consolidated Financial Sanction Targets (Individuals and Entities) (United Kingdom or European Union)
    • Consolidated lists of persons, groups, and entities subject to EU financial sanctions (European Union)
    • DFAT Consolidated List (Australia)
    • OSFI Consolidated List (Individuals and Entities) (Canada)
    • Specially Designated Nationals, Terrorists, Narcotic Traffickers and other Blocked Persons List (United States)
    • Statutorily Debarred Parties List (United States)
  3. Email Address Validation – takes an email address and determines if it is valid.
    • Fixes common typos to return a valid email address
    • Identifies problematic email addresses, including email addresses that:
      • Are fictitious email addresses like elonmusktheboss@teslamotors.com
      • Are on the DMA “Do Not Email” list
      • Belong to a spamtrap or honeypot
      • Belong to a frequent spam complainer
      • Contain a disposable domain
      • Are associated with a domain that has restrictions on commercial email per the FCC
      • Contain derogatory words
  4. Phone Append – Generate a full name, complete address, telephone number and a confidence score.
    • Starts with a customer or business name and partial address information.
    • Generate a full name, complete address, telephone number and a confidence score.
    • Returns up to five candidate matches if the match is ambiguous.
  5. Reverse Phone Append – Helps develop a complete customer record.
    • Starts with a 10-digit phone number.
    • Appends a full name and address.
  6. World Time Zones – Given a set of latitude and longitude coordinates, return the correct Time Zone.
    • World-wide coverage
    • Daylight Savings indicator
    • Correctly handles local variances