8. Specialty

  • Advanced Naming – Name Matching to help standardize your databases.
    Sophisticated Parsing – Enhance your existing data files by transforming them into a range of usable data fields
    Data Formatting – String data together and build a clean record format
    Name Separation – Organise names by title first name surname etc.
    International Knowledgebase – Use our cultural database
    Name Variants – Identifies typing errors alternate spellings and abbreviations


  • Check Global Watchlist (Global Sentry) – The GlobalSentry service matches transactions against government-provided watch lists that contain data from various countries. These lists include:
    Denied Persons List (United States)
    Unverified List (BIS Red Flag) (United States)
    Consolidated Financial Sanction Targets (Individuals and Entities) (United Kingdom or European Union)
    Consolidated lists of persons, groups, and entities subject to EU financial sanctions (European Union)
    DFAT Consolidated List (Australia)
    OSFI Consolidated List (Individuals and Entities) (Canada)
    Specially Designated Nationals, Terrorists, Narcotic Traffickers and other Blocked Persons List (United States)
    Statutorily Debarred Parties List (United States)


  • Email Address Validation
  • Experian Truvue Services
  • Phone Append
  • Reverse Phone Append
  • World Time Zones