What SpatialPoint Can Do for You

We are experts in location and geospatial technologies for business.

At SpatialPoint, we live and breathe geospatial technology and we love challenges!

It is our mission to help organizations of all sizes leverage location in business processes to advance and produce results.

Using the most advanced geospatial tools and technology, we will help you fully understand the impact of the location of your customers, stores, infrastructure, and other assets—and how they relate and move—so that you can thrive in even the most challenging markets.

Quality – The SpatialPoint Difference

For over 20 years, we have honed our skills, innovated with new technologies and developed our core foundational ideas of quality.

Like invisible cracks in aircraft parts, data quality issues can arise that are not obvious. We anticipate and eliminate the cracks, focusing on quality at every step of every process to insure the best results.

Location technology expertise is NOT a commodity, despite the latest advancements, but with our knowledge and experience, we can help you leverage the technologies in ways that seem commoditized. In other words, you will get the best outcomes for the money.

We will work with you to choose the best approaches, always thinking for the long-term rather than the quick-fix. We will competently produce results within your time and budget constraints.

Our Focus

We focus in the following areas:

  • Geocoding
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Address Validation/Correction
  • Point, Boundary and Demographic Data
  • Site Selection
  • Sales/Distributor Territory Alignments
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Maps, Mapping, Visualization
  • ETL Process Automation
  • See the Solutions Guide page for details

Our Solutions

Our solutions can be deployed as:

  • Cloud – APIs
  • Cloud – SaaS
  • On Premises/Private Cloud
  • Cloud Native/Big Data
  • Hybrid Deployments
  • Desktop


Customers choose us to help with location solutions including:

Reverse Geocoding
Address Validation/Correction
Point, Boundary and Demographic Data
Site Selection
Sales/Distributor Territory Alignments
Demographic Analysis
Maps, Mapping, Visualization
ETL Process Automation

Deployment Options:

Cloud – APIs
Cloud – SaaS
On Premises/Private cloud
Cloud Native/Big Data
Hybrid Deployments

Our Quality-Focused Partners

No matter how carefully location/geospatial systems are implemented, the results are often highly dependent on third-party data and internal integrations with software. Maps, geocoding databases, address dictionaries and the programming algorithms around it all matter.

This is why we only work with vendors who deliver the highest quality underlying data and algorithms, including:

  • Precisely (formally Pitney Bowes Software) – Precisely is known for the best location and data quality solutions – address validation, correction, geocoding, single view, mapping, spatial databases, etc. They have solutions for companies and projects of all sizes from MapInfo Pro desktop mapping to Spectrum and Trillium Data Quality, Geocoding and Address Solutions.  Precisely’s data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products power better business decisions to create better outcomes.
  • Gadberry – Gadberry is known for focus-built systems for site selection and demographic systems, AnySite and Magnify.
  • Microsoft Bing and Azure Map platforms
  • We also work with a variety of other select vendors for additional tools, demographic and boundary data, based on your needs.

Our solutions work across the globe with data and tools for over 200 countries – even with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments.

How We Work With You

We listen and partner rather than tell you what to do, and if there is not a fit, we’ll let you know. If we sense some issues, we’ll discuss them with you.

We have a bias for action and will adapt as we both learn.

Many engagements do not require formal consulting and many times off-the-shelf technology is the best approach. If that is the case, we will help you sort through the options for software and data, including deployment model, licensing, etc.
For projects that do requite consulting, our process involves jointly identifying project goals, milestones and the architecture (project scope). The engagement and implementation follow.

SpatialPoint has built a successful, customer-focused business by staying on the leading edge of technological developments, nurturing a strong positive relationship with our vendors, establishing valuable core competencies, and creating a responsive and nimble organization that insists on providing superior customer service and support to our customers.

Privacy policy
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