MapInfo Professional Training Center

MapInfo Professional Training

SpatialPoint, in cooperation with Precisely, offers a variety of training courses ranging from Introduction to MapInfo Professional to Advanced MapInfo Professional. We offer courses in three formats: on-line and customized, standard classroom environment, and on-site. SpatialPoint can provide you with a solution to meet your specific training needs.

Even prior to COVID, most classes have become virtual and are more customized. Contact us for details.

Why Take a Training Class?

Although MapInfo is intuitive and user-friendly, it is a sophisticated and feature-rich package. It is a powerful visualization and analysis tool, and like all good tools, produces the best results in experienced hands. We all know it can be difficult and time-consuming to try to learn software just by reading a reference manual. The training services offered by SpatialPoint are specifically designed to develop skills quickly and cost effectively.

Benefits of Training

Get up and running quickly: By attending either a formal training class or on-site session, you will learn to use more of MapInfo’s functionality faster. Trying to learn new software by reading a technical user’s manual can be frustrating. Our training classes provide a focused, interruption-free environment, saving participants valuable time.

Effective training techniques: Our trainers implement the most effective techniques to make the classroom experience a valuable one. All training conducted by SpatialPoint and the Authorized Training Center is hands-on and attendees get personal attention from the instructor..

Learn the best techniques: With MapInfo, many tasks can be accomplished in more than one way. A training class will show you the most efficient techniques of applying MapInfo technology to solve your business problems.

Learn new functionality: A training class will help you unlock more functionality and become aware of more features that can help you at work. You will be able to get more out of MapInfo Professional as you apply it to your projects.

Avoid mistakes: Avoid wasted effort and costly mistakes which could result by trial-and-error methodology.

Valuable resources: All of our training classes come with comprehensive workbooks and sample data. Workbooks contain all of the steps needed to accomplish the tasks demonstrated during class. They have been designed so that each lesson can be taught without relying on prior chapters. This makes it possible for participants to skip around, if necessary, and learn only what they need.

Instruction for all levels: While we almost always tailor and custoimize training to your needs, you can see some of the standard offerings. From introductory to advanced courses, SpatialPoint can offer a full range of training expertise to meet your needs. Standard course outlines:

On-site and Customized Training

For your convenience, we offer instructor-led on-line courses. This format combines the benefits of face-to-face classroom training with the convenience of learning in your own environment. These on-line courses emphasize practical applications of the software through the use of hands-on experience.

In addition to the standard on-line training, SpatialPoint offers two different customized training options:

A customized class from our existing course materials to fit within your available time and budget. This “a la carte” approach lets you choose from a menu of lessons and work with our trainers to design a course that meets the specific needs of your MapInfo users. You may want to use a combination of the modules and lessons in the course outlines above.

A custom designed training course for your organization. We consult with you and write tailored courses that focus on your business. The examples used in class reflect how you use MapInfo products and incorporate your data into exercises and cases that relate directly to your business. The result is maximum retention and the most valuable training experience possible.

A MapInfo Authorized Training Center

As the exclusive MapInfo Authorized Training Center, SpatialPoint can provide MapInfo Professional skills at all levels. Through the use of hands-on experience, our instructors will guide you through practical applications of the software in a classroom environment. Computers are provided for all attendees so they may use the software as they are taught each lesson

On-site Training

We can send our instructors to your location to teach any of our classes. On-site training requires you to supply computers, software, and any additional hardware for each student.

Contact us today to discuss your MapInfo Professional training needs.

SpatialPoint is the primary company providing training in MapInfo Pro in the United States.