MapMarker is the preeminent batch geocoding tool for the cloud!

​MapMarker Online

MapMarker is the preeminent batch geocoding tool for the cloud! MapMarker Desktop was a workhorse desktop geocoding tool for over two decades.  Thousands of users relied on it – from marketing to sales organizations to routing and logistics companies to real estate to insurance to healthcare to data scientists (before they were called data scientists) – virtually any and every type of company.  NOW, MapMarker lives in the cloud. Upload your file, select a few options and the system will do the work, notifying you when it is complete.  You have control over many settings.

Here are some features:

  • Support for uploading of CSV, SHP and TAB files.
  • File templates to help you create an input address record file
  • Support of an input address record file that contains addresses or Latitude/Longitude from multiple countries
  • Options to customize input fields for matching
  • For US addresses, the County, Census Block and USPS DPV information, including if an address is vacant or not vacant is also returned.
  • Worldwide geocoding coverage (see country list)
  • Return of the most accurate geocode available for every address
  • Supplied streets and points global reference data
  • Address cleansing and standardized address output
  • Email notification when your geocoding job completes
  • Dashboard allows control of jobs, admin functions and user management

Need APIs rather than a user interface to upload files, then click to look at our SaaS (Software as a Service) geocode offerings.

Security and Privacy of MapMarker

MapMarker only requires an address to perform a geocode. Data uploaded to the system is encrypted. The addresses are decrypted while geocoding on a secure subnet. Contact us for solutions that are not-cloud-based.

Supported Countries


Results File Screenshot (use the horizontal scroll bar):

Results File Screenshot (use the horizontal scroll bar or your finger):

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