Precision Reverse Geocoding

Download the brochure to see how Precision Reverse Geocoding, part of the Spectrum® Technology Platform from Pitney Bowes Software, give you the immediate accuracy and geocoding coverage you need to make the most out of every connection. The Precision Reverse Geocoding software marries data (buying patterns, behaviors, preferences and influencers) with cross-referenced nearby sites/stores or even other mobile users within an individual’s social network. The data quality is built in, so latitude and longitude coordinates map to an exact address, not an approximate location. What can Precision Reverse Geocoding do for your company?

International Geocoding Coverage

Pitney Bowes offers geocoding in over 240 countries territories worldwide. The International Geocoding Coverage White Paper breaks down territory groups into different categories by the geocoding’s positional accuracy level. Each of those levels meets different business needs when performing spatial analysis, visualization and demographics assignment using the geographic coordinates of the geocoding process. This includes: (1) Postcode and city accuracy, (2) Address point interpolated accuracy, (3) Address point accuracy and (4) Individual country and language/character set. Highly accurate geocoding is provided by utilizing address point data as a reference data set for geocoding. You can access a list of geocoding information for all 240 countries and the range and depth of coverage for the countries within the white paper.

Enterprise Location Intelligence Solution

The Pitney Bowes Spectrum Enterprise Location Intelligence Solution performs address or street, postal code, and city geocoding as well as reverse geocoding for locations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and many other countries. The Enterprise Location Intelligence solution is a part of the Pitney Bowes Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module, which helps you determine the exact geographical coordinates for any address – even, in some places, building entries. You’ll get outstanding accuracy, coverage, and depth of insight that can accelerate your success across a broad range of business initiatives that depend on location data. This module provides you with actual location coordinates, including latitude and longitude, and, for the U.S., altitude and Accessor’s Parcel Number (APN), which makes it easier for you to analyze data geographically – and make better business decisions. Download the datasheet to review the widest range of spatial data available.

International Geocoding Product Data Sheet

Download the product datasheet to review geocoding and mapping information for all 240+ countries (address point, street address, postal information). Learn how the depth of geocoding insight from using Pitney Bowes’ International Geocoding Solution can help accelerate your success across a broad range of business initiatives. The International Geocoding Solution enables high-precision coverage analysis, better deployment of resources when catastrophe strikes, and the capabilities for identifying fraudulent activities before they can take root. The International Geocoding solution is a part of the broaderPitney Bowes Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module, giving you the precise latitude and longitude for street addresses, points of interest, and locations in the markets and countries where you do business.

Business Strength Geocoding

The Business-strength Geocoding White Paper reviews 10 requirements for more cost-efficient and effective geocoding results in order to improve business decisions. Every business entity and government agency deals with address information. But what, exactly, can you tell from an address? Can you provide service at this location? If so, does your prospective customer qualify for a specific offer or special rate? In this white paper, you’ll learn about the importance of geographic-based data and how it drives social policy, network planning, and market analysis.

Enterprise Geocoding Module, Solutions for Enabling Lifetime Customer Relationships– India

The GIS Market in India is worth roughly $6.2 billion dollars and is quickly growing. This white paper examines The Pitney Bowes Software Enterprise Geocoding Module for India based upon the Pitney Bowes global framework, which provides highly accurate match rates and performance for almost all the countries across the globe. 70% of business data contains a geographic element and Pitney Bowes Geocoding technology is the best option for providing accurate locations. In India, there is no standard for addresses; however, there is a business need for an engine which can geocode Indian addresses, and provide latitude and longitude to the highly unstructured Indian addresses with match rates, coverage, accuracy, and performance, while satisfying the business needs of the most demanding customers. Download the white paper to see how the EGM is enabling lifetime customer relationships in India.

Location Intelligence Data Quality and Location-based Service Best Practices.

Get a comprehensive review of real-time customer information processing challenges and opportunities in the following white paper. You’ll examine use cases for how the Pitney Bowes Spectrum™ Technology Platform can perform real-time customer information correction, standardization, validation, geocoding and location-based service information assignments. Learn data quality and Location Analysis best practices, including how to effectively acquire, serve and grow customer relationships within specific territories.

The Geocoding Advantage: Best practices for managing customer and location-based data.

All geocoding, particularly all international geocoding, is not created equal. The Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence White Paper offers insight into the many advantages of high-quality geocoding and how today’s market leaders are employing geocoding best practices to engage customers, reduce costs, focus processes and more effectively manage risks. You’ll understand how geocodes provide an ideal way for organizations to quickly inform important spatial decisions by enabling decision makers to visualize results. See how Pitney Bowes’ rapidly expanding its geographic coverage for both geocoding and reverse geocoding support businesses processes around the globe.

Pitney Bowes Software Case Study: Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless turned to Pitney Bowes Software for a solution that would enable the wireless provider to more efficiently and strategically manage tax assignments, as well as integrate with the existing billing and taxation systems the staff was already using. The company’s previous tax management system required the customer service organizations to manually pick jurisdictions as customers signed up for its services or as addresses changed. This led to a number of inaccuracies caused by human error. Verizon now manages tax assignments with Pitney Bowes Software’s GeoTAX® solution that integrates with its existing billing and taxation systems, which includes an address standardization tool to help ensure accuracy of customer addresses. The solution cleanses and standardizes customer information entered by service staff. This standardized data can then be used to provide accurate tax jurisdictions for each entry.

Pitney Bowes Software Case Study: Willis Group

This case study explores how the Pitney Bowes Software Spectrum™ Technology Platform has supported Willis Group in performing in-depth risk analysis on a corporate client’s or insurer’s book of business (exposure) across every territory. As a global company whose clients have risks in more than 150 countries, Willis Re wanted to implement the latest in location-based technologies to deliver enhanced service to its clients, for whom profit margins on risk can depend on precise detail. .Consequently, after implementing Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum Technology Platform and geographic analyses into risk analysis procedure, their catastrophe modeling now produces more reliable results, and risk estimations for hazards such as flood, wind, earthquake, explosion, and bushfire can be performed with greater precision.

Evaluation Criteria for Enterprise Geocoding: Choosing the Right Software to Provide Location Intelligence

Access the criteria needed to help identify the combination of technology and capabilities that go into selecting a vendor for enterprise geocoding. Within the brochure are 7 types of evaluation criteria you should consider, for example, usability for all business roles, flexible capabilities and software support for today’s global economy, adaptability to enterprise processes and more. Ventura Research is the most authoritative and respected benchmark business technology research and advisory services firm. This brochure will help you better understand the role of enterprise geocoding technology in optimizing business practices.

Venture Research: Five Good Reasons to Geocode

Efficient geocoding must be done at the organizational level. Download the white paper to learn the 5 biggest reasons for implementing enterprise and international geocoding into your daily business processes. The white paper explores the reasons why your organization’s own people need to manage geocoding as a part of their normal business processes. Geocoding properly is a technology-mediated undertaking, and as such it requires a team-wide effort that is backed by both the knowledge the technology and the company’s information-related processes and systems. A centralized approach can enable efficient management while providing access to the information across departments.

Successful Geocoding Yields Powerful Business Results: Enterprise and International Deployments Enable Location Intelligence

The following research perspective from Ventura Research, the authoritative business technology research firm, discusses how an investment geocoding data can enrich the geographic context of business information with location intelligence that can enhance the value of information and business decisions. Download the white paper to see the benefits geocoding affords marketing, sales and customer service teams, especially as it pertains to geographically-enhanced market analysis, pricing and promotions, customer response rate, insurance, speed of productivity and more.

MLD: The most complete and accurate geocoding dataset available

Download the data sheet to better understand the competitive advantage of Master Location Data, Pitney Bowes’ Location Intelligence technology, part of the Pitney Bowes Enterprise Location Intelligence suite. Master Location Data solution provides a number of tools and support for location-based services, allowing you to infuse your existing datasets with value-added GIS analytics and location accuracy. Find out how, by plugging Master Location Data into your critical business decisions, you can solve complex business problems, assess risk, deliver location-based services and manage assets, giving you a distinct competitive advantage.

MLD Address Fabric: Access the most complete and accurate geocoding dataset available

Take GeoEnrichment to a new level with Master Location Data, Pitney Bowes’ Location Intelligence technology, part of the Pitney Bowes Enterprise Location Intelligence suite. This data sheet will show you how you Master Location Data will provide you with highly precise geocodes multi-sourced from nine different leading datasets, giving you more precise address datasets and base addresses for multi-residential and commercial properties. Learn about how your organization can achieve a distinct competitive advantage and gain critical customer spatial intelligence by implementing MLD.

PAD: Actionable details on over 148 million US properties

Download the Data Sheet to see what’s inside every location when you leverage the Property Attribute Dataset from Pitney Bowes. With the right property attributes, you can reduce risk, evaluate worth and improve the customer experience. The Property Attribute Dataset contains 205 property attributes for over 148 million US properties. This augments the existing value of Pitney Bowes’ Enterprise Location Intelligence, allowing you to incorporate advanced attributes that impact a property’s value. These details include the property owner, zoning, land use and condition; the exact square footage, the number and type of rooms, financing, taxes and sales history. In every way, you’ll gain comprehensive insights to help you grow your business, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Venture Research: Five Reasons to Geocode

 Nearly every industry must make decisions based on time or distance between two points. As part of the Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform, the Enterprise Routing Module (ERM) combines data quality functions with sophisticated spatial analytics to provide the location intelligence you need to optimize business operations – logistics, marketing, sales, service – across the enterprise. Rapidly deliver point-to-point calculations – by time or distance.