Coverage Right™ 

Wireless Voice and Broadband Data Coverage Maps

CoverageRight™ Wireless Voice and Broadband Data Coverage Maps


CoverageRight™ is a unique map database showing a comparison of wireless coverage areas marketed by wireless carriers.


  • Has over 150 different wireless carrier coverage maps allowing you to view marketed build-outs, compare wireless cellular coverage, differentiate affiliate areas, and much more!
  • Is available for all wireless carriers and frequencies including 800Mhz, 850Mhz, 1900Mhz and iDEN.
  • Can show in multiple layers the various coverage marketed in any area, allowing you to compare cellular carrier coverage claims.
  • Can be imported into your MapInfo® or ArcView® program, to view, query or run reports using the powerful tools included in these popular GIS programs.
  • Each file provides information describing the Cellular Carrier Entity, Marketing Name, Spectrum, and Chosen Wireless Technology
  • For maps showing where service providers are licensed to operate, check out MarketRight


Who Uses CoverageRight?

Wireless Carriers that need to identify roaming partners to analyze competitors.

  • Merger and Acquisition Analysts that need to examine population demographics in various wireless markets.
  • Industry Vendors that target wireless cellular carriers as potential customers of their products and services.
  • Fortune 500 companies that contract with wireless service providers over large geographic areas.
  • Insurance companies and Emergency Response organizations that need to provide the right wireless technology to their field response teams.

In CoverageRight, each protocol has its own coverage maps (GSM, CDMA, Analog)