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Advanced Geocoding For Online Locators

Geocoding, the process of turning an address, intersection, city, state, province, landmark, etc. into something that can be put on a map (latitude/longitude coordinates), is used in two places in an online locator:

  1. For geocoding the list of locations (stores, banks, ATMs, etc., typically by street address)
  2. and, for when an end-user enters in their location.

For some of the reasons below, it may be desirable to augment the geocoding built in with more advanced geocoding. For advanced geocoding, SpatialPoint recommends Pitney Bowes Spectrum.

Why Use Pitney Bowes Spectrum?

  • When the best physical accuracy (placement) is required
  • When it is required to increase the rates of better matches
    • More results at the street address level
    • More results located on a street
    • More results located at various postal code levels, etc.
  • When address correction/validation is required
  • When more control over the process is required
  • When detailed information about the method of placement is required
  • When international issues require increased data coverage, language capabilities, etc.
    • Spectrum has coverage in over 100 countries with a focus on wide and deep improvements.
    • “Wide” meaning broad levels of basic coverage worldwide
    • “Deep” meaning rooftop, street address, etc. in the population centers and where people travel
  • When the volume of data is significant
  • When coordinates are to be used by in non-Bing Map systems
    • In general, Microsoft and Google restrict the usage of coordinates from their respective systems to be used in other mapping systems
    • By using the Pitney Bowes system, the coordinates can generally be used in any mapping system

How is Pitney Bowed Spectrum Licensed?

There are three approaches to licensing and deployment:
On site, self-hosted (full capabilities)
Deployed in SpatialPoint data centers (full capabilities)
Spectrum OnLIne – on demand usage (most capabilities)
Hybrid of above (full capabilities)

International Geocoding
Better connect with customers, overcome business risks and improve operational results.

International Geocoding Coverage
Pitney Bowes Software is committed to providing robust coverage across the globe and continually increasing the depth of our coverage for the countries we serve.

Locating Mobile Callers for Improved Service and Efficiency

The ability to locate mobile customers and employees can enhance store locator, workforce management, roadside assistance, and other applications. The result is improved communication with customers or employees through interactive voice response (IVR) systems, human operator, or Web messaging.