Direct Marketing with Postal Carrier Route Maps

Direct Marketing with Postal Carrier Route Maps

Postal Carrier Routes and Carrier Route Maps

  • Precisely target neighborhoods in direct marketing and sales efforts
  • Achieve maximum postal discounts by targeting postal Carrier Routes
  • Postal Carrier Routes help reduce marketing costs while increasing response rates


  • Software and data packaged together
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Produces maps and lists of postal Carrier Routes
  • Distinguishes between multiple and single dwelling occupancy
  • No waiting for third party to produce maps for you
  • Quickly explore potential target markets
  • High-quality, accurate carrier route maps updated quarterly
  • Built on the Microsoft Bing platform providing application stability and reliability
  • Discover its features, benefits and options

Why Postal Carrier Routes?

  • Reach the majority of residents or businesses in any target market area
  • Achieve greatest possible discounts on postage

Why Postal Carrier Route Maps?

  • Fast, visual identification of market area
  • Target the correct Carrier Routes for mailing
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual lookups of Carrier Routes
  • Create compelling presentations

CASE STUDY: Tulsa Direct Mail See all our studies

Carrier Route Online Features

Make Carrier Route and ZIP Code Selections Using Intuitive, Flexible Tools Select Carrier Routes and ZIP Codes directly from the map using radius, rectangle or polygon tools. Select by drive time or using a “goal seek.” Or select individually. Measure distances with a few simple clicks.

Numbers At Your Fingertips Easily produce reports showing the number of single and multiple dwelling postal drops for each Carrier Route and totals for the entire area selected. Reports include the map and can be saved as HTML or spreadsheet files.

Find Any Address or Place Find your area of interest quickly by typing in any address or place name. The map will re-center on that location, showing all Carrier Route boundaries and labels. Navigation tools allow you to zoom in and out and scroll along the map.

Shade Carrier Routes and ZIP Codes Shade by counts or demographics to quickly convey data and its meaning.

View Aerial Photography Aerial Photography and topographic maps from Microsoft Bing Maps provides important detail and compelling backdrops (requires Internet connection).

Reliable, Accurate Data Source The Carrier Route boundary data is based on the latest available data sources and contains the Single Family Dwelling Unit (SFDU) and Multiple Family Dwelling Unit (MFDU) data. Data is updated quarterly and include many variables from the USPS Carrier Route statistics. Base geographic maps are also updated quarterly, giving you the most accurate displays.

Built on Bing Maps CarrierRouteViewer is built on the Microsoft Bing Maps platform with coverage for the entire United States. And affordable, effective online platform.

Download Addresses Ability to download a list of addresss within selected carrier routes. Options:

  • Purchase for a single state or the entire US
  • Deploy on the Web; nothing to install
  • Carrier Route and ZIP Code maps are updated quarterly
  • Address lists are updated daily

Affordable and Effective Some industry solutions can be cost prohibitive and force you to learn complex software. In contrast, CarrierRouteViewer is affordable, easy to use and effective for fast and accurate visual analysis of carrier routes.

Do You Need Just Carrier Route Data? We offer Carrier Route Data in both ESRI and MapInfo format. Available by the State or the entire U.S. Contact us for information about purchasing Carrier Route data.

About SpatialPoint: Your Microsoft Bing Maps Experts SpatialPoint focuses on Microsoft Bing Maps technology platforms to help customers solve problems where location is critical and can provide competitive advantages. CarrierRouteOnline is one of many applications we have developed that our customers use to increase revenues, decrease costs and gain a competitive advantage.

SpatialPoint has built a successful, customer-focused business. We stay on the leading edge of technological developments and nurture a strong positive relationship with Microsoft and other vendors. We are a responsive and nimble organization that insists on providing superior customer service and support.

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