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What is geocoding?

Simply, it’s the process of matching a location such as an address, postal code, city name, county name, the name of a place, etc. to latitude and longitude coordinates on the Earth.  The coordinates are sometimes called “a geocode.”

For example, if you have a…

    • Street Address, it’s called “Street-level geocoding”
    • ZIP Code or Postal code (outside the United States), it’s called “ZIP-Level or Postal-Level geocoding”
    • City name, it’s called “City-Level Geocoding”
    • County name, it’s called “County-level Geocoding”

Geocoding is used in many consumer and business processes. The reverse process, where, given coordinates and you want to know the street address or some other piece of information at that point, is called Reverse Geocoding. 

See also the following product pages for Geocoding:

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