Spectrum Universal Name Module

Flexible name parsing capabilities to match, standardize, analyze or consolidate even complex records with confidence.

Flexible name parsing capabilities to match, standardize, analyze or consolidate even complex records with confidence

Getting your customers’ names right is essential to inspiring their trust in your company. There are many hazards when it comes to recording a name accurately – with joint ownership legal entities nicknames and typing errors all falling into the mix. Adding to the confusion is the variance in your contacts titles and job functions within a company – so simplify with name matching and standardization software.

Make sure you get the details right every time with name matching and data improving software – keeping customers and business associates happy and saving your business time and money.

Benefits of name matching software

The Universal Name Module is part of our Spectrum Technology Platform and is an excellent tool to ensure your company databases are correct and updated. No matter how complex your database, the name matching software offers flexible parsing capabilities that can optimize your records in the following ways:

  • Match
  • Standardize
  • Analyze
  • Consolidate

Top features of name matching

There are a number of easy to use key features of name matching software which can assist you in creating an accurate and up to date database of customers to help your business. These include:

  • Name Matching
  • Sophisticated Parsing – Enhance your existing data files by transforming them into a range of usable data fields
  • Data Formatting – String data together and build a clean record format
  • Name Separation – Organize names by title, first name and surname, etc.
  • International Knowledge Base – Full access to cultural database
  • Name Variants – Identifies typing errors, alternate spellings and abbreviations


Our Spectrum Universal Name Module includes some excellent features making it the perfect name matching solution if you want to ensure your business is using accurate standardized data.

Exceptional name matching capabilities

The Spectrum Universal Name Module is a powerful name matching software solution and enables you to improve the quality of your in-house data and ensure that the data contained in any mailing house lists that you’ve purchased is both accurate and high-quality.

This sophisticated name matching software can clean up your records and locate names within your database which would otherwise go un-matched as a result of typographical errors, letter substitutions, alternate spellings and abbreviations. Furthermore, it could provide you with gender and ethnicity information to help you develop targeted marketing campaigns and communications.

Flexible and fully customizable

Name matching software is flexible enough to suit the needs of any business. Its superb functionality means that you can string data together to create clean records, break up your existing data into new usable fields, or organize your data according to specific criteria such as by first name surname or business title.

You can also create your own list of terms and use it to carry out name matching and data extraction functions.

Local and international name matching features

The Spectrum Universal Name Module is the perfect name matching software solution for businesses with global client bases. It supports name matching against millions of name variations in 204 countries and optional name libraries which include Arabic and Asian names.